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Protocol: module to document everything entering and leaving the company (registered post, letters, parcels, etc.). By integrating with other modules, each protocol can be linked to a commercial offer or a job contract.


Warehouse: module for the management of warehouse activity such as input, output, inventories. Linked to orders to track warehouse stock.

Purchase Requests: module for managing orders from suppliers. This module registers every RA, and by connecting to the Commercial Offers module it enables the insertion of items by selecting them directly from the offer, while setting the cost directly from the quote given. Each RA has a workflow to track the entire process: Approval of costs, Partial arrival of goods, Arrived goods, Partially delivered goods, Delivered goods, Payment approved, Completed.


Offers: module for the creation of commercial offers, differentiated between products and services. It is possible to enter a markup and margin for each item. There is an authorization workflow that, according to set thresholds, allows the user to request the approval of the manager before shipment to the customer. In addition, each offer goes through different stages: Entered, Rejected, Approved, Provisional and Final (this status turns the offer into an order). It is possible to attach documents and check the status of invoices payable and receivable in order to be able to control the entire offer process.

Negotiations: this module allows sales reps to keep track of each deal before it becomes a real offer. Each negotiation is assigned a percentage of probability to enable forecasting. It is possible to insert every operation made, and keep track of all the steps taken to get to the offer and beyond.

Dashboard: summary module of the commercial data that provides graphs on the varying status of the offers and negotiations, which can be filtered by period, state, type, commercial, etc.


Accounts Receivable: module to register all issued invoices receivable, with the possibility to schedule future invoices. Status Management: To be issued, To be authorized, Authorized, Issued, Collected.

Accounts Payable: module to register all invoices payable. For every invoice it is possible to link each item with the Purchase Request items, to keep the status of an order under control at all times.

Cash Flow: module for the management of cash flow, financing and anything related to bank account income and expenditure.

IT Services

Service Desk: ticket management module. Each ticket is categorized by Customer, Contract, Job, Type, SLA (Service Level Agreement), Status, Assignment, Suspension, Location, User, Product, Serial, and more. With each ticket, you can record every operation made. It is possible to attach documents and manage reminders.

Contracts: module for managing service contracts, where Service Desk tickets are opened. Each contract is linked to a customer and to a Job and you can choose the sites where an intervention is possible, the potential fleet to manage and the SLAs defined in the contract.

Time Slots: module for managing the time slots required to define the SLA (e.g. 0-24 x 5, 8-18 x 7, etc.) days.

SLA: module for drawing up Service Level Agreements. Each SLA is associated with a time slot and established Response and Recovery times.

Suppliers: module for the management of interventions carried out by external suppliers, where each supplier can state the cost of the intervention carried out to enable the company to approve the service for which the supplier will issue an invoice.

Dashboard: module to visualize the overview of all Service Desk contracts and graphs referring to tickets by type, contract and assignment.

Human Resources

Timesheet: module for filling out timesheets. Each employee can enter both the hours worked on the job and any extras such as leave, holidays, overtime, etc. The jobs employees can fill out their hours for are entered by the manager. In addition to the hours, they can enter expense reports and km driven on a given job for reimbursement. Every month the timesheet must be approved by the manager before being processed by human resources to generate the payroll.

Job Assignment: module for assigning one or more jobs to employees for a specified period.

Vehicle Management: module for the management of both company and personal cars for the purposes of mileage reimbursement. Each car is reimbursed according to the ACI (Italian Automobile Club) table each time an employee notes km on the Timesheet.

Dashboard: module that provides an overview of all the employees’ monthly files. Visualization is related to user permissions: Human Resources may view all employees, managers view only the employees they supervise, employees view only themselves.


Job Management: module for managing all jobs, both those generated automatically by offers and independent of offers.

Smart Delivery Dashboard: module to track the progress of job contracts. Through the visualization of graphs, it is possible to keep an eye on the progress and degree of completion, as well as the costs incurred against those budgeted. For each job there are summary graphs, with the type and period of costs incurred. By integrating with all the other modules, it can provide a summary of all the information entered in the previous modules.


API Modules is the module that embodies the true meaning of Service Integration: it makes it possible to manage external data as if it were natively present within the YOUnified Platform. The customer can easily link data on external applications with data on the platform. It takes its name from Application Programming Interfaces, which are a set of standard protocols that interface with different applications. Any application that exhibits APIs can be integrated with our platform.

The existing App Modules are:

SMI Cloud: module to manage files in the SMI Cloud through the YOUnified Platform

Infrastructure Monitoring: module for management of hardware equipment monitoring through integration with PRTG

Network Monitoring: module for the management of Ubiquity network devices

IOT: module for managing the company’s IOT, with which it is possible to control office lights and heat pumps.

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